Case NumberStyleDateCounty
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Case NumberStyleDateCounty
11-12-00326-CR Ammie Lucille Smith v. The State of Texas07/31/2014Midland
11-13-00093-CR Keith Dean Veale v. The State of Texas07/31/2014Eastland
11-13-00242-CR Eric Raynall Brown v. The State of Texas07/31/2014Taylor
11-14-00002-CR Horacio Garcia Castro v. The State of Texas07/31/2014Dawson
11-14-00003-CR Horacio Garcia Castro v. The State of Texas07/31/2014Dawson
11-14-00102-CV Peggy Joyce Ruth v. Arma Lee Crow, James Albert Crow, Sandra Ford, William Ruth and The Ruby and Annie Smith Family Partnership07/31/2014Brown
11-14-00140-CV In the interest of M.J.C.B., Jr. and M.J.B., children07/31/2014Howard
11-12-00261-CR James Williams v. State of Texas08/14/2014Ector
11-12-00264-CR Richard Efren Hignojos v. State of Texas08/14/2014Ector
11-12-00268-CR Scotty Murl Casselman v. The State of Texas08/14/2014Scurry
11-12-00270-CR Martin Quiroz v. The State of Texas08/14/2014Midland
11-12-00271-CR Brandi Elaine Harris v. State of Texas08/14/2014Taylor
11-12-00272-CR Brandi Elaine Harris v. State of Texas08/14/2014Taylor
11-12-00280-CR Alexander Joe Rubio v. State of Texas08/14/2014Taylor
11-12-00298-CV Michael Joe Ellis v. TDCJ CID08/14/2014Walker
11-12-00301-CV Robert Troy McClure v. The State of Texas08/14/2014Walker
11-13-00092-CV Dixey Evans v. Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company08/14/2014Comanche
11-13-00125-CR Kay Ira Watts v. The State of Texas08/14/2014Dallas
11-13-00146-CR Jackie Allen Yarbrough v. The State of Texas08/14/2014Comanche
11-13-00158-CV Ex parte Jerry H. Broseh v. 08/14/2014Ector
11-13-00170-CR Derrick J McLaughlin v. The State of Texas08/14/2014Midland
11-13-00200-CR Amy Grady v. The State of Texas08/14/2014Brown
11-13-00218-CR Eli Vernon III a/k/a Eli Mims v. The State of Texas08/14/2014Parker
11-14-00113-CV In the interest of C.L.S., C.L.S., J.T.S. and C.S., children08/14/2014Midland
11-14-00155-CV In the interest of A.J.R., E.J.R.H. and K.M.J.H., children08/14/2014Palo Pinto
11-12-00287-CV In the matter of R.D.R., III, a juvenile08/21/2014Midland
11-12-00290-CV Linda Lewis v. Ally Financial Inc. f/k/a GMAC, Inc. d/b/a GMAC08/21/2014Ellis
11-12-00293-CR Blas Hernandez, Jr. v. State of Texas08/21/2014Ellis
11-12-00356-CR Drew Anthony Nickason v. The State of Texas08/21/2014Midland
11-13-00002-CV Estanislao Ortega v. Donald Gene Cheshier08/21/2014Erath


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