Fourteenth Court of Appeals

Case: 14-16-00727-CV    
Unknown Civil Case Type.
Harvella Jones 
Jonathan Anderson 
Appellate Briefs
Date Event TypeDescriptionDocument
04/27/2017Reply brief filedAppellant
04/13/2017Brief filed - oral argument not requestedAppellee
02/10/2017Brief filed - oral argument not requestedAppellant
Case Events
DateEvent TypeDispositionDocument
08/31/2018Petition for review disposed by Supreme CourtDENIED
07/30/2018Petition for review due in Supreme Court 
07/09/2018Petition for review due in Supreme Court 
06/26/2018Petition for review filed in Supreme Court 
06/20/2018Letter filed 
06/14/2018Motion for rehearing disposedDENIED
05/30/2018Motion for rehearing filed 
05/24/2018Motion for rehearing disposedDENIED
05/16/2018Motion for rehearing due 
05/09/2018Motion for rehearing filed 
05/01/2018Judgment Issued 
05/01/2018Memorandum opinion issuedAFFIRMED
03/30/2018Set for submission on briefs 
03/23/2018Motion to transfer disposedOTHERWISE DISPOSED
03/23/2018Notice receivedDENIED
03/22/2018Letter issued by the court 
03/22/2018Case reinstated 
03/22/2018Motion to reinstate disposedGRANTED
03/20/2018Order entered 
03/20/2018Motion to recuse disposedDENIED
02/26/2018Motion to reinstate filed 
02/21/2018Motion to reinstate filed 
02/16/2018Supplemental clerks record filed 
02/16/2018Supplemental clerks record due 
02/05/2018Amended notice of appeal filed 
01/12/2018Supplemental clerks record due 
01/11/2018Letter issued by the court 
01/11/2018Motion to reinstate disposedDENIED
01/04/2018Letter filed 
12/14/2017Motion to reinstate filed 
12/12/2017Order issuedABATED
10/10/2017Case ready to be set 
10/10/2017Case reinstated 
10/10/2017Opinion withdrawn 
10/10/2017Motion to reinstate disposedGRANTED
10/10/2017Order entered 
10/06/2017Supplemental clerks record due 
09/28/2017Supplemental clerks record due 
09/27/2017Supplemental clerks record filed 
09/26/2017Order entered 
09/25/2017Letter filed 
09/22/2017Motion for rehearing due 
09/20/2017Order entered 
09/19/2017Motion for rehearing filed 
09/07/2017Memorandum opinion issuedDISMISSED
08/24/2017Response due 
08/14/2017Letter issued by the court 
08/14/2017Letter issued by the court 
05/09/2017Motion to recuse disposedDENIED
05/03/2017Motion to recuse filed 
04/27/2017Reply brief filed 
04/27/2017Set for submission on briefs 
04/13/2017Case ready to be set 
04/13/2017Brief filed - oral argument not requested 
04/13/2017Appellees brief due 
03/16/2017Motion for extension of time to file brief disposedGRANTED
03/13/2017Motion for extension of time to file brief filed 
03/13/2017Appellees brief due 
02/21/2017Letter filed 
02/16/2017Motion disposedDENIED
02/13/2017Appellants brief due 
02/10/2017Brief filed - oral argument not requested 
01/30/2017Motion filed 
01/27/2017Court reporters notice to court regarding status of record 
01/23/2017Record Sent 
01/13/2017Reporters record filed 
01/02/2017Reporters record due 
12/01/2016Order entered 
11/14/2016Reporters record due 
11/14/2016Clerks record due 
11/08/2016Clerks record filed 
10/17/2016Record due 
10/13/2016Order entered 
10/12/2016Extension of time to file clerks record filed 
10/12/2016Clerks record due 
10/06/2016Clerks record filed 
10/05/2016Document returned 
10/05/2016Clerks record received 
09/30/2016Docketing statement due 
09/30/2016Mediation docketing statement due 
09/27/2016Order entered 
09/25/2016Court fee due 
09/22/2016Letter filed 
09/20/2016Letter filed 
09/16/2016Letter filed 
09/15/2016Letter issued by the court 
09/15/2016Letter issued by the court 
09/15/2016Case began in court of appeals 
09/13/2016Notice of appeal filed in trial court 
08/16/2016Judgment signed by trial court judge 
Set DateCalendar TypeReason Set
06/26/2018Appeal to Higher CourtHigher court review
Jones, Harvella AppellantHarvella Jones
Jonathan AndersonAppelleeGregg S. Weinberg
Frank Carroll III
Trial Court Information
County Court at Law No 2 
Fort Bend 
Kelly Kelly 

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