Supreme Court

Case: 14-0255    
Petition for Writ of Mandamus
Appellate Briefs
Date Event TypeDescriptionRemarksDocument
04/02/2014Petition for Writ of MandamusRelatorPetition for Writ of Mandamus filed on behalf of Ali Choudhri.
Case Events
DateEvent TypeDispositionRemarksDocument
05/16/2014Case Stored e-stored
04/04/2014Letter Filed Letter filed on behalf of Ali Mokaram and Osama Abdullatif.
04/04/2014Letter Filed Letter filed on behalf of Ali Choudhri.
04/04/2014Phone call from Clerk's Office Call made to attorneys regarding denial of both the emergency motion for temporary relief and to the petition for writ of mandamus.  Left voicemails.
04/04/2014Petition for Writ of Mandamus disposedDenied 
04/04/2014Motion to Stay DisposedDeniedEmergency Motion for Temporary Relief Pending Decision on Petition for Writ of Mandamus denied
04/04/2014Call received Tom Phillips, attorney for Relator, called to inquire about status of the motion for emergency temporary relief. Clerk informed him the motion had been sent to the Staff Attorney for Original Proceedings and is still pending.
04/03/2014Sealed document filed in case CD filed UNDER SEAL, which it contains Relator Ali Choudhri's Supplemental Record in support of Writ of Mandamus. (1)
04/03/2014Phone call from Clerk's Office spoke with Barbara Martin, legal assistant, one of the co-counsels for relator, and informed her that if a party wants to file a document under seal, they must submit to the Court a Motion to file Under Seal. She said that she will pass the info to the counsel.
04/03/2014Electronic communication received from Party via, in the filing information comments, relator's counsel indicates that "a CD with the PDF copies of the Supplemental Mandamus Record will be sent to the Court's Clerk to be filed under seal."
04/03/2014Sealed document filed in case FILED PARTIALLY UNDER SEAL: Relator Ali Choudhri's Supplemental Record in support of Petition for Writ of Mandamus.
04/03/2014Response to Motion filed Real Parties in Interest Ali Mokaram and Osama Abdullatif's Response to Emergency Motion for Temporary Relief.
04/02/2014Case Record Filed  Record filed on behalf of Ali Choudhri.
04/02/2014Motion to Stay Filed  Emergency Motion for Temporary Relief filed on behalf of Ali Choudhri.
04/02/2014Petition for Writ of Mandamus Petition for Writ of Mandamus filed on behalf of Ali Choudhri.
Set DateCalendar TypeReason SetRemarks
05/16/2014Case StoredCase stored.e-stored
Mokaram, AliReal Party in Interest Mr. John Joseph Hardig Jr.
Mr. D. Scott Funk  
Choudhri, Ali RelatorMr. Jeff Joyce
Mr. Chris Di Ferrante
Mr. Joseph D. Sibley IV
Mr. Thomas R. Phillips
Abdullatif, OsamaReal Party in Interest Mr. Rodney Lee Drinnon
Court of Appeals Information:
___ SW3d ___, 04-01-14 
14th Court of Appeals 
Honorable Per Curiam 
Trial Court Information
190th District Court 
Honorable Patricia J. Kerrigan 

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