Ninth Court of Appeals

Case: 09-12-00484-CV    
In Re Texas Rice Land Partners, Ltd., James E. Holland, and David C. Holland 
West Publishing 
Appellate Briefs
Date Event TypeDescriptionDocument
03/04/2013Letter brief filedReal party in interest
02/20/2013Letter brief filedRelator
10/16/2012Petition for writ of mandamus filedRelator
Case Events
DateEvent TypeDispositionDocument
05/23/2013Case stored 
05/23/2013Judgment Issued 
05/23/2013Opinion issuedMotion or Writ Denied
03/04/2013Letter brief filed 
02/20/2013Letter brief filed 
02/19/2013Confirmation of oral argument & counsel presenting oral argument 
02/15/2013Confirmation of oral argument & counsel presenting oral argument 
02/13/2013Letter filed 
02/05/2013Set for submission on oral argument 
02/05/2013Letter filed 
12/06/2012Letter issued by the court 
11/02/2012Response filed 
10/29/2012Response filed 
10/17/2012Response requested by the court 
10/16/2012Record filed 
10/16/2012Petition for writ of mandamus filed 
Set DateCalendar TypeReason Set
05/23/2013Case StoredCase stored
Texas Rice Land Partners, Ltd.RelatorTerry Wood
William Christian
TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, L.P.Real party in interestJames A. Freeman
Thomas A. Zabel
Amy Marlyse Burgert
Holland, David C.RelatorWilliam Christian
Terry Wood
Holland, James E.RelatorWilliam Christian
Terry Wood
Trial Court Information
County Court at Law No 1 
Honorable Gerald Eddins 

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