Second Court of Appeals

Case: 02-18-00092-CV    
Termination of parental rights or conservatorship - accelerated
In the Interest of A.A., a Child 
Appellate Briefs
Date Event TypeDescriptionDocument
04/12/2018Anders brief filedAppellant
Case Events
DateEvent TypeDispositionDocument
05/30/2018Set for submission on briefs 
05/30/2018Case ready to be set 
05/29/2018Response filed 
05/09/2018Response filed 
04/24/2018Motion to access appellate record dispMotion or Writ Granted
04/24/2018Motion to access appellate record filed 
04/12/2018Motion to withdraw attorney filed 
04/12/2018Letter filed 
04/12/2018Anders brief filed 
04/04/2018Order received from trial court 
04/03/2018Telephone call received 
03/27/2018Electronic Reporter/Recorders Record Filed 
03/23/2018Docketing statement filed 
03/23/2018Electronic Clerks Record Filed 
03/22/2018Motion for extension of time to file notice of appeal disposedMotion or Writ Granted
03/19/2018Order received from trial court 
03/16/2018Motion for extension of time to file notice of appeal filed 
03/16/2018Additional copies of documents received after initial filing 
03/16/2018Case began in court of appeals 
03/16/2018Notice of appeal filed in court of appeals 
Set DateCalendar TypeReason Set
04/13/2018MotionMotion to withdraw as attorney
06/20/2018SubmittedSubmitted on briefs
Texas Department of Family and Protective ServicesAppelleeJoseph W. Spence
A., G. AppellantBrian J. Newman
G. A.
A., A.Civil - Ad LitemLouis (Bodie) B. Freeman III
Trial Court Information
233rd District Court 
Honorable William W. Harris 
Court Reporter, 233rd District Court 

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