Second Court of Appeals

Case: 02-17-00189-CV    
In the Guardianship of A.E., an Incapacitated Person 
West Publishing 
Appellate Briefs
Date Event TypeDescriptionDocument
01/22/2018Supplemental brief filedAppellee
01/16/2018Amicus curiae brief received 
12/12/2017Electronic reply brief filedAppellant
11/29/2017Electronic brief filed - oral argument not requestedAppellee
11/22/2017Amicus curiae brief receivedAmicus Curiae
08/09/2017Electronic brief filed - oral argument requestedAppellant
Case Events
DateEvent TypeDispositionDocument
08/24/2018Mandate issuedReversed and Remanded
06/14/2018Opinion issuedReversed and Remanded
01/22/2018Motion for leave disposedMotion or Writ Granted
01/22/2018Supplemental brief filed 
01/17/2018Letter filed 
01/16/2018Motion for leave filed 
01/16/2018Amicus curiae brief received 
01/16/2018Letter received 
01/03/2018Letter received 
12/19/2017Letter received 
12/19/2017Set for submission on oral argument 
12/12/2017Electronic reply brief filed 
11/29/2017Case ready to be set 
11/29/2017Electronic brief filed - oral argument not requested 
11/22/2017Amicus curiae brief received 
10/31/2017Motion for extension of time to file brief disposedMotion or Writ Granted
10/30/2017Motion for extension of time to file brief filed 
10/11/2017Motion to reconsider disposedMotion or Writ Denied
10/06/2017Electronic Supplemental Clerks Record Filed 
10/06/2017Case reinstated 
09/08/2017Motion to reconsider filed 
09/07/2017Order issuedAbated
08/23/2017Record Sent 
08/22/2017Telephone call received 
08/17/2017Letter received 
08/09/2017Electronic brief filed - oral argument requested 
07/12/2017Electronic Reporter/Recorders Record Filed 
06/22/2017Electronic Clerks Record Filed 
06/06/2017Additional copies of documents received after initial filing 
06/06/2017Docketing statement filed 
05/30/2017Notice of appeal filed in court of appeals 
Set DateCalendar TypeReason Set
08/24/2018Case StoredCase stored
E., P. AppellantStephen E. Dubner
E., A. AppelleeMary H. Barkley
E., H. AppellantStephen E. Dubner
Trial Court Information
Probate Court No. 2 
Honorable Brooke Allen 
Court Reporter, Probate Court No. 2 

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