First Court of Appeals

Case: 01-12-01167-CV    
The Board of Trustees of the Houston Firefighters' Relief and Retirement Fund 
The City of Houston, Texas 
Appellate Briefs
Date Event TypeDescriptionDocument
02/13/2014Amicus curiae brief receivedAmicus Curiae
12/17/2013Post submission brief filedAppellant
12/09/2013Post submission brief filedAppellee
08/30/2013Amicus curiae brief receivedAmicus Curiae
08/21/2013Reply brief filedAppellee
07/05/2013Amicus curiae brief receivedAmicus Curiae
07/01/2013Reply brief filedAppellee
06/11/2013Reply brief filedAppellant
05/22/2013Brief filed - oral argument requestedAppellee
05/02/2013Brief filed - oral argument requestedAppellant
Case Events
DateEvent TypeDispositionDocument
04/14/2017Mandate issued 
04/03/2017Document filed 
02/17/2017Petition for review disposed by Supreme CourtSC denies petition for review
06/02/2016Case forwarded to higher court 
01/13/2016Record Sent 
01/12/2016Letter received 
10/28/2015Petition for review filed in Supreme Court 
10/28/2015Petition for review due in Supreme Court 
09/28/2015Petition for review due in Supreme Court 
09/24/2015Motion for extension of time to file petition for review disposed by Supreme CourtMotion or Writ Granted
08/27/2015Motion for extension of time to file petition for review disposed by Supreme CourtMotion or Writ Granted
08/21/2015Sent to publisher 
07/14/2015Order enteredMotion or Writ Denied
06/11/2015Response filed 
05/26/2015Response filed 
05/26/2015Response due 
03/25/2015Response requested by the court 
03/13/2015Motion for rehearing filed 
03/13/2015Notice filed 
03/13/2015Motion for rehearing due 
02/11/2015Motion for rehearing due 
02/10/2015Motion for extension of time to file motion for rehearing disposedMotion or Writ Granted
02/09/2015Motion for extension of time to file motion for rehearing filed 
01/27/2015Opinion issuedReverse TC judgment and render judgment
01/27/2015Judgment Issued 
01/22/2015Letter issued by the court 
01/08/2015Letter issued by the court 
02/13/2014Amicus curiae brief received 
12/17/2013Post submission brief filed 
12/09/2013Post submission brief filed 
11/14/2013Notice filed 
11/14/2013Notice filed 
10/17/2013Letter issued by the court 
10/09/2013Set for submission on oral argument 
08/30/2013Amicus curiae brief received 
08/21/2013Reply brief filed 
07/09/2013Response filed 
07/05/2013Amicus curiae brief received 
07/02/2013Objection filed 
07/01/2013Reply brief filed 
06/11/2013Reply brief filed 
06/11/2013Reply brief due 
05/22/2013Brief filed - oral argument requested 
05/22/2013Case ready to be set 
05/22/2013Appellees brief due 
05/15/2013Order entered 
05/09/2013Extension of time to file reporters record disposedMotion or Writ Granted
05/03/2013Motion for extension of time to file brief disposedMotion or Writ Granted
05/02/2013Motion for extension of time to file brief filed 
05/02/2013Brief filed - oral argument requested 
04/11/2013Reporters record filed 
04/03/2013Response due 
03/22/2013Response filed 
03/18/2013Extension of time to file reporters record filed 
03/18/2013Motion to expedite filed 
03/14/2013No reporters record filed in civil case 
02/27/2013Notice filed 
02/27/2013Document returnedRefused
02/25/2013Document returnedRefused
02/19/2013Clerks record filed 
02/19/2013Record due 
02/07/2013Clerks record filed 
02/01/2013Response filed 
02/01/2013Response filed 
01/30/2013Order enteredMotion or Writ Granted
01/30/2013Motion disposedMotion or Writ Granted
01/25/2013Motion filed 
01/14/2013Court fee due 
01/14/2013Docketing statement due 
01/11/2013Reply to response or motion filed 
01/08/2013Letter filed 
01/04/2013Response filed 
12/28/2012Motion to stay filed 
12/28/2012Docketing statement filed 
12/28/2012Document filed 
12/28/2012Notice of appeal received 
12/28/2012Case began in court of appeals 
12/27/2012Notice of appeal filed in trial court 
12/21/2012Judgment signed by trial court judge 
Set DateCalendar TypeReason Set
04/14/2017Case StoredCase stored
04/14/2023RetentionDate civil case will be destroyed (6 yrs after mandate)
The Board of Trustees of the Houston Firefighters' Relief and Retirement FundAppellantJack G. Carnegie
William A. Worthington
The City of Houston, TexasAppelleeDavid M. Feldman
Fernando De Leon
Judith L. Ramsey
Trial Court Information
189th District Court 
Honorable Bill Burke  
Amanda King 

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