First Court of Appeals

Case: 01-11-00683-CV    
In re John Doe a/k/a Trooper 
Appellate Briefs
Date Event TypeDescriptionDocument
08/15/2011Petition for writ of mandamus filedRelator
Case Events
DateEvent TypeDispositionDocument
10/03/2014Document filed 
08/29/2014Document filed 
09/04/2013Case stored 
11/29/2012Motion for en banc reconsideration disposedDeny motion
10/10/2012Motion for en banc reconsideration filed 
09/26/2012Motion for rehearing disposedDeny motion
09/26/2012Order entered 
09/04/2012Response filed 
06/25/2012Response due 
06/18/2012Response filed 
06/05/2012Order enteredIssue sua sponte order
06/04/2012Fee paid 
06/04/2012Motion for rehearing filed 
06/04/2012Motion for rehearing due 
05/18/2012Memorandum opinion issuedDeny petition for writ of mandamus
05/14/2012Response filed 
09/15/2011Record filed 
09/15/2011Response filed 
09/15/2011Response due 
08/18/2011Order enteredDeny motion
08/18/2011Motion to stay disposedDeny motion
08/16/2011Certificate of conference filed 
08/16/2011Certificate of conference filed 
08/15/2011Notice filed 
08/15/2011Fee paid 
08/15/2011Record filed 
08/15/2011Motion to stay filed 
08/15/2011Petition for writ of mandamus filed 
Set DateCalendar TypeReason Set
09/04/2013Case StoredCase stored
11/29/2018RetentionDate civil case will be destroyed (6 yrs after mandate)
The Reynolds and Reynolds CompanyReal party in interestAngus Joseph Dodson
Brian T. Ross
Grant J Harvey
Aundrea Kristine Frieden
Brockman, Robert T.Real party in interestGrant J Harvey
Aundrea Kristine Frieden
Brian T. Ross
Angus Joseph Dodson
Google, Inc.Real party in interestDennis M Lynch
John Doe a/k/a TrooperRelatorJoshua H. Northam
Shelly L. Skeen
James D. Blume
Dealer Computer Services, Inc.Real party in interestGrant J Harvey
Aundrea Kristine Frieden
Brian T. Ross
Angus Joseph Dodson
Trial Court Information
152nd District Court 
Honorable Robert Schaffer 

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